A deposit is due within ten days of booking confirmation. This deposit is refundable, less a $25.00 administration fee, if cancelled no less than eight weeks prior to camp start date.

Balance of fee is due four weeks prior to booking date. Any additional fees incurred must be paid within one week of departure. Certain exceptions may apply.


A $50.00 security deposit is required for all renters who will be bringing pet(s) to the camp.

All private/business/commercial/family renters must also pay a $200 security deposit, as well as the booking deposit within ten days of confirmation of booking.

These security deposits will be returned, in full, or in part, based upon final inspection of the camp property after rental.


Eight weeks prior to camp/event date – Booking deposit will be refunded, less a $25.00 administration fee.

Less than eight weeks prior to camp/event date – Deposit is non refundable.

Less than Four weeks prior to camp/event date – There will be no refund for cancellations.

Camp Caritou is not responsible for cancellations due to inclement weather. 


All renters must provide Camp Caritou with a copy of their liability insurance coverage no later than two weeks prior to the start of the rental. The Insurance policy needs to list “Friends of Camp Caritou Inc” and “Bonfield and District Lions Club” as additional named insured.


In the event that food or liquor is served, all arrangements pertaining to food and beverages must be in accordance with the Ministry of Health and the Liquor Licence Board Regulations and are the sole responsibility of the renter. If a liquor licence is required a copy must be provided to Camp Caritou no later than two weeks prior to the start of the rental.


Algonquin Lodge overnight 30, Algonquin Lodge Day use 60

Field use capacity varies depending on type of use and toilet capacity. 6 outhouses and a picnic shelter are available for field use. (Capacity can be higher if additional washroom facilities are increased at the renters expense.)

*Parking is limited


It is expected the camp, both field and building, at the end of the rental period, will be cleaned and will be left in the same condition it was at the beginning of the rental period (See Camp Departure checklist).  Unreasonable conditions and excessive cleaning requirements may incur additional costs to be covered by therenter.  For an additional fee, renters can request a cleaning service. Please contact us for additional information.


The camp does not have a telephone, but there is very reliable cell phone service in the area. Please plan accordingly.


Algonquin Lodge is a strictly smoke-free environment. There shall be no smoking inside any structure on the Camp Caritou Property. Smoking is only permitted at least 9 metres away from buildings.


Parking is only permitted in designated areas. Driving and parking are NOT permitted on fields.


Guests should not create excessive noise that disturbs the neighbours.



  • Bed linens, pillows, towels, tea towels, dish cloths, paper towels are NOT provided.
  • Toilet paper and cleaning supplies are provided.
  • The use of nails, thumbtack, tape, staples or any other product that may damage surfaces is prohibited.
  • Cleaning materials are supplied and can be located under the kitchen sink and in the cupboard in the bathroom. Please use the products as labelled. Excessive use of bleach damages the septic system, please use bleach only as directed for sanitizing dishes but not for general cleaning (whenever possible).
  • Please complete the Algonquin Lodge Departure Checklist when leaving the camp and return with the keys. Space is provided at the bottom of this form to provide any additional feedback regarding the camp supplies/ maintenance requirements / comments.


Field Use

  • Toilet Paper, Garbage bags and Firewood are NOT provided
  • Camping must be self contained.
  • Garbage cans, picnic shelter, picnic tables, outhouses are provided.
  • Vehicles, including campers and trailers are not permitted to park or drive on fields.


Campfires are permitted in established fire pits only. All renters must comply with any current fire regulations/fire bans that may be in place at the time of renting. Please refer to the Township of Bonfield fire regulations for additional information.


Pets are not permitted unless previously arranged and the Pet Addendumhas been completed. An additional security deposit of $50.00 is required when pet(s) are brought to the camp. Please see Pet Addendumfor additional information regarding pets.


Garbage and recycling must be removed from the camp upon your departure, unless otherwise arranged.


Are at your own risk.


Water is tested regularly and is safe to drink.

In the event of a problem with the water system, please contact the number listed on the bulletin board in Algonquin Lodge.

Don’t flush sanitary supplies, paper towels etc and keep bleach use to a minimum.


  1. It is understood that the person(s)/group named above shall be responsible for the safekeeping of the premises and will be held liable for all costs to repair any damage caused.
  2. The Renter must maintain control at all times and use of the camp must be conducted in a mature, responsible manner.  A representative of Camp Caritou may visit at any time to inspect premises for damages and to ensure that contract conditions are upheld. Failure to comply may result in the expulsion of individuals or the entire group.  It is the responsibility of the renter to inform all other renters and guests of the conditions, policies and regulations of this contract.
  3. Renters are required to leave the camp in a clean and tidy condition.  Cleanup Duties are posted for you to follow. Please use only the cleaning supplies provided by the camp to protect our septic system etc.
    You may use kitchen utensils and other equipment, but do not remove.  Damage to equipment is responsibility of the Renter in charge.   A Camp Caritou representative may do a walk through of the facilities prior to departure to ensure that the facilities are in order and to identify concerns of either party.
  4. 911 Service is available and other Emergency numbers are posted on bulletin board.


All individuals, persons or groups using Camp Caritou site facilities and equipment do so at their own risk. Camp Caritou accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or injuries that may be incurred while using the Camp. All users must use the property responsibly and thus not be deemed to be a nuisance to the adjoin properties or create liability for the owner.